Dracknoir's Revenge FAQs


How do I play the game?

Dracknoir's Revenge is a browser based game. First, create an account on DracknoirsRevenge.com. Once you are logged in, you can wander around and explore the world. Don't forget to read the cheat sheet and the rest of these FAQ's.

Stats - can you explain them

HP: Health Points are how much damage you can absorb before you are dead.

Stamina: Stamina is how many rounds of combat you can do before being exhausted..

Mana: Mana is how much magical energy you have to cast spells.

XP: Experience is how much positive activity you have. As you gain more experience, more things become available to you.

Offense: This is the combined total rating of the equipment in use.

Defense: This is the combined total rating of the equipment in use.

Strength: adds to how much total damage you can do.

Will: a modifier on combat spells to reduce damage.

Agility: adds to how difficult it is to hit the player.

Perception: chance to resist a spell.

Intellect: adds to the effect of a spell.

Coins: a monetary unit used to purchase items and goods.

How do I improve my characters stats?

You can increase your characters stats (Strength, Will, Agility, etc) by spending upgrade points. Each level your character gains, you get additional upgrade points to spend.

Your Health, Stamina, and Mana will also increase each time you level up. Your Will and Intellect are key to how much you gain. Example: The higher your Will, the more Stamina you gain each level.

What are upgrade points?

Upgrade Points are used to improve your character. You can increase your stats such as Strength, buy special items, learn spells, and learn skills. Spend the points to craft your character your way.

Do Health Points, Mana, and Stamina regenerate?


Your stats regenerate slowly while awake, quickly if you sleep. They also regenerate slowly when you are hungry or thirsty.

You can also gain regeneration from spells, potions, and the Monks you will find in and around most cities.

How do I get stuff?

By adventuring and killing things, as well as purchasing from the various merchants. Mobs will drop all kinds of gear, coins and consumables.

What are coins useful for?

Gear and consumables can be purchased from the Merchants in every city. You might even find a few wandering around. Barter with friends and other players. With enough coins, you can start a clan or purchase a house.

What platforms are supported?

All platforms supported All platforms can play Dracknoir's Revenge. All you need is internet access and a browser. Note: If your browser is ancient ie Internet Explorer 8, then you are out of luck and also have other issues you need to take care of. We take pride on the optimization of bandwidth, but you should be mindful of your data usage if playing on mobile devices.

Can I create multiple characters?

Sure. Please note. A valid unique valid email address is required to create an account. Each account has an email associated with it. You can play multiple characters in different tabs of the same browser, different browsers, and different devices. Playing multiple characters at the same time can also help with the group bonus.

What is the group bonus

If you are adventuring in a group, you will receive a small bonus to the experience you gain. Also, you will be able to defeat stronger mobs in the game. More characters = stronger party. Find some new friends to go adventuring with!

What happens if I die

First off, you are going to die. This world is tough. When you die, you don't suffer any loss of gear, but you do lose a bit of experience. You can immediately log back in after death to continue playing the same character.

I'm Hungry - I'm Thirsty

When you are hungry or thirsty, you do not recover your stats as quickly. To remedy this, eat a ration, drink a canteen or even an ale!